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Dr. Adrienne E. Pasek, PsyD,   

Dr. Adrienne E. Pasek, PsyD is a licensed clinical psychologist, and a valued member of our multidisciplinary team at South Coast Psychiatry. She has vast experience and expertise performing academic, cognitive, and neuropsychological testing for children, adolescents, and adults. 

Dr. Pasek has performed assessments for a variety of school districts, government agencies, for the courts, as well as for other doctors. Dr. Pasek's diligent psychological testing helps to clarify patients' diagnoses, helps clinicians, patients and their families understands areas in which they may be struggling, and helps patients and their families gain access to resources they both need and deserve. 

At South Coast Psychiatry, Dr. Pasek is able to partner with our psychiatrists and clinicians to put together comprehensive, biopsychosocial treatment plans to address all areas identified as needing to be targeted in her assessments. The result is that every patient at South Coast Psychiatry who undergoes thorough psychological testing obtains not only their results, but also a holistic treatment plan aimed at correcting any deficits, or nurturing any skills, identified through her testing. Dr. Pasek is proud to be a vital part of providing a seamless, integrative, collaborative environment with her colleagues -- from testing, to diagnosis, to treatment, all in one place.

Like all of our clinicians, Dr. Pasek is a firm advocate for her patients, and believes in a family/systems approach to both psychological testing and collaborative, integrative care. She seeks input from family members, especially parents, educators, other clinicians, and also regularly schedules observations at school or in the home environment for kids, adolescents or adults in need of comprehensive evaluations and/or accommodations at school or work. 

She is adept at utilizing psychological testing to help parents in the midst of a divorce or separation find a roadmap to co-parent a child who may be having emotional, social or behavioral difficulties. Dr. Pasek actually developed a program to help families through the divorce process: helping families to develop co-parenting contracts, and assisted couples to find less contentious and healthier ways to separate.

Dr. Pasek also worked as an Educational Liaison for several school districts where she developed individual programs for each student, compiling data, using strategic planning, and implementing best practices that meet the needs of the child, the parents, and of the school. Dr. Pasek believes that developing collaborative working relationships between children, their families, their treatment teams and schools is imperative to a successful educational experience, as well as a child who thrives academically, as well as socially and emotionally.

Dr. Pasek is also experienced in providing assessments for psychological clearance for plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, or other surgical interventions. She can provide referring clinicians with evidence-based testing and reports to demonstrate that their patients are indeed emotionally stable enough to endure surgical intervention. If for some reason testing reveals areas of concern, Dr. Pasek is able to accurately identify therapeutic targets, and can work with our multidisciplinary clinicians at South Coast Psychiatry so that the areas identified can be addressed and healed, and surgical intervention can be reassessed with a healthier mindset.

As an Executive Director of a non-profit mediation center, Dr. Pasek also became skilled and adept at being a mediator and arbitrator. Dr. Pasek assisted executives as well as companies to find alternative solutions to resolve legal disputes. Dr. Pasek's therapeutic expertise in mediation helps both sides work to find win/win solutions, rather than stay mired in fixed mindsets that escalate into expensive legal battles. She believes strongly in compromise solutions, and in working towards the best interest of both parties, and can navigate difficult emotional situations to work towards productive outcomes for both sides.

Dr. Pasek is also experienced in providing brief short-term psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and with providing training nationwide. She is knowledgeable in a variety of subject areas including managing anxiety, depression, increasing stress resilience, social thinking, emotional regulation, behavioral interventions, and is able to work with kids, adolescents and adults with a wide variety of diagnoses.

Dr. Pasek believes in living a life of intention, whether it be from raising and training horses to compete in endurance rides, moving to France to study and travel, or expressing herself through her art. She and her husband continue to use their time off to cycle and hike around the world and she continues to paint and sculpt when she is inspired.

She continues to enhance her evaluation skills by regularly attending and speaking at conferences.

Dr. Pasek is delighted to be a part of the community of South Coast Psychiatry, and is committed to helping to elevate the standard of care by helping to integrate psychological testing and treatment in this multidisciplinary setting. 

We are excited to have Dr. Pasek as part of our talented group of clinicians, and in helping to make South Coast Psychiatry the collaborative "one-stop-shop" for all of the mental health needs of kids, adolescents and adults in our community.

For more information about Dr. Adrienne E. Pasek, PsyD or any of our clinicians at South Coast Psychiatry, please contact us at 714-556-5004 or info@southcoastpsychiatry.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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