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             About Dr. Qureshi        

Dr. Huma Qureshi, MD is an general adult psychiatrist specializing in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy for patients with a wide range of psychiatric conditions.

    After attending the University of California, Davis, Dr. Qureshi obtained her medical degree at King Edward Medical University, where she earned a First Division distinction. She then completed her psychiatric training at the University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC), where she had the honor of working in close collaboration with instructors trained from Menninger Foundation. Under that mentorship, Dr. Qureshi studied different types of psychiatric therapies including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral as well as pharmacotherapy.  

    Dr. Qureshi had the distinct honor of serving as the Chief Resident of the UMKC psychiatric program, President of the UMKC Psychiatry Residency Association, Secretary of UMKC Psychiatry Residency Association, and Class Representative of the UMKC Psychiatry Residency. She served as a member on the Graduate Medical Education Committee and as a medical student Docent at UMKC.  

    Born and raised in central California, Huma Qureshi moved to Southern California two years ago, after spending five years in the Bay Area, four years in the Midwest and previous to that, five years in Asia. Due to her love of travelling and experiencing different cultures, Dr. Qureshi’s journeys encompass most of Europe and Asia and parts of Latin America.  

    Her exposure to different customs and societies has influenced Dr. Qureshi’s practice of psychiatry. Believing firmly in psychotherapy, medication and lifestyle modifications, Dr. Qureshi strives to provide unique and specific treatments to every patient. She believes that establishing rapport and a strong bond with her patients leads to the most optimal treatment outcome, and requires a multi-faceted and often multidisciplinary approach. This includes, and is not limited to, consideration and treatment of medical and biological factors, social stressors, psychological well-being, and overall, lifestyle patterns -- all of which Dr. Qureshi addresses in her treatment of patients.

    Dr. Qureshi was drawn to South Coast Psychiatry's biopsychosocialspiritual approach to treating each patient individually, as well as the opportunity to work collaboratively alongside talented colleagues, all working to help our patients achieve their goals, with utmost respect for her patients' cultural and personal sensitivities.  

    Dr. Qureshi believes each individual requires personalized, comprehensive and holistic care, and is proud to be part of the multidisciplinary team at South Coast Psychiatry, where psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners work alongside psychologists that provide psychodiagnostic and neuropsychologic testing, as well as clinical therapy for kids, adolescents, adults, couples and families, so that the whole patient is addressed in an integrated, holistic, systems approach to health and wellness.

    Dr. Qureshi is deeply committed to working closely with the public and to “give back” to the community. In this fashion, she has worked extensively in the public sector, both inpatient and outpatient, volunteered at various free clinics, participated in a Q and A session with the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill (NAMI) and given a variety of lectures to medical students and residents, ranging from complementary and alternative therapies (a special interest of Dr. Qureshi’s), somatoform disorders, eating disorders, psychosis, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. 

    Dr. Qureshi is committed to expanding and continuing her medical education and then henceforth, sharing this knowledge not only with her patients, but also to the public to help with the further understanding, acceptance and reduction of the stigma associated with mental illness. She is proud to be a part of South Coast Psychiatry, a new iteration of her career in which she is able to provide care to the best of her abilities, working alongside fellow clinicians who share her passion and dedication to providing the highest level of care and collaboration to their patients, and to increasing education surrounding mental health and wellness in our community. 

    Dr. Qureshi is also proud to be a part of South Coast Psychiatry's commitment to giving back to our community -- by sponsoring a mental health charity annually (previous years have included South Coast Psychiatry's sponsorship, fundraising and walking on behalf of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, the Ronald McDonald House for Kids, as well as plans to sponsor and walk on behalf of Autism Speaks, and many other worthy charities in our field going forward), as well as South Coast Psychiatry's commitment to devoting countless hours to curating an educational site on Facebook dedicated to increasing awareness and accurate information about mental health, and to decreasing stigma and stereotype surrounding mental illness (www.Facebook.com/SouthCoastPsychiatry).

    After ten years serving in the County Mental Health system, treating patients to the best of her ability, and trying to improve the county's standard of mental health care for those in need, Dr. Qureshi is looking forward to contributing to the mental health field by aligning with South Coast Psychiatry's mission to elevate the standard of mental health care in our community, and providing accurate diagnosis, the highest level of integrated care, collaboration, and to being part of a mental health group dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, biopsychosocialspiritual treatment possible in the outpatient setting.

    All of us at South Coast Psychiatry are excited to work alongside such an experienced, dedicated and talented psychiatrist, and welcome Dr. Qureshi to the SCP Team.

    Along with travelling, Dr. Qureshi is a voracious reader, of both nonfiction and fictional literature. She has a passionate interest in the arts, including theater, history, theology and philosophy. She looks forward to long and productive relationship with all of her patients as well as her colleagues at South Coast Psychiatry.

    For more information about Dr. Qureshi or any of our clinicians at South Coast Psychiatry, please contact us at 714-556-5004 or info@southcoastpsychiatry.com. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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