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Janet Whitney, LMFT        

Janet Lee Whitney, MA, LMFT is a Licensed Psychotherapist

    Janet has been a licensed psychotherapist since 1982. She is the author of the book and program: Facing Your Fears and Following Your Dreams. Her vast treatment experience and expertise extends to all areas of mental and emotional struggles, but her specialties include improving relationships, treating anxiety and depression, treating eating disorders and sexual addiction, helping families with troubled youth and teens, providing vocational guidance, and using positive psychology to help individuals discover and grow their own personal strengths.

    Having personally trained with John Gray, the author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, Janet has led couples and singles groups for over 10 years, based on John Gray’s work. She believes helping couples better understand one another, and learn to accept and embrace their differences, is an exciting and rewarding process. Improving and clarifying communication skills gives couples a better opportunity to have a meaningful and deep connection – skill sets that can be improved in any important relationship setting (including couples, families, as well as work relationships).

    With the use of positive psychology, Janet helps individuals, couples and groups discover their innate strengths and unique gifts and talents that lend themselves towards successful careers, work/life balance, personal fulfillment, and enjoyment of all that life has to offer.

    As a Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the Department of Rehabilitation, Janet provided extensive vocational counseling to individuals for over 10 years. Janet believes that finding satisfaction personally and professionally are equally important journeys in our patients lives, can be closely intertwined with one another, and she finds tremendous joy in providing therapy and coaching for patients along both of these paths.

    Having been part owner in a Sexual Addiction Program and Director of an Eating Disorder Program, Janet has worked with individuals, couples and families in all areas of addictions and dependence. Her expertise in treating food, substance and sexual addictions has allowed individuals and families to recover from these insidious, life-altering, and often life-threatening, conditions, and to return to a life filled with meaning and purpose.

    Janet has been trained in, and employs, a variety of therapeutic modalities in her work with individuals and groups, including guided meditation, narrative therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), goal setting and motivational psychology.

    Janet shares South Coast Psychiatry’s passion for working to help our patients self-actualize, reach their personal and professional goals, and to find meaning and purpose in life. She authored a book and developed a program called Facing Your Fears and Following Your Dreams. Her philosophy is to build on strengths and positivity and to develop a deeper belief in moving forward towards goals. She has trained other therapists across the country in using this program to help people recover from their own self sabotage, and her Facing Your Fears program is one that is implemented in private practices and treatment facilities around the country.

    Through Facing Your Fears, groups and individuals can increase their success in all areas of their lives by uncovering and changing the ways they are may be subconsciously self- sabotaging their dreams and their ability to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Using the principles in The Facing Your Fears program, along with the Law of Attraction, individuals have been witnessing positive transformation in their lives, living more authentically, and finding new pathways to happiness and fulfillment.

    In her personal life, Janet has walked the 500 mile Camino in Spain, alone, climbed Half Dome twice, climbed Mt Whitney, run marathons, completed triathlons and traveled to many countries with her 3 kids. All 3 kids have bungee jumped off the cliffs in Costa Rica, and Janet and her 2 oldest children have parachute jumped out of airplanes. They live their lives as an example of living authentically, and how to Face Your Fears.

    Janet is thrilled to be a part of the multidisciplinary, concierge practice that South Coast Psychiatry has created. She shares South Coast Psychiatry’s passion and dedication towards improving the quality of care and collaboration for patients struggling with mental, emotional, social and cognitive disorders, and devotes herself and her practice towards instilling hope, as well as teaching patients better ways to deal with the stresses of life. 

    Janet shares South Coast Psychiatry’s purpose in creating a “think-tank” environment of compassionate, well-trained, and collaborative experts in the field of mental health. She is looking forward to collaborating with other dedicated professionals who all want to work together to help patients on their paths, to combine forces to create an outpatient Center for Excellence in mental health, and to build an outpatient place of recovery and healing for patients along their journeys.  

    We are honored to have Janet Whitney, MA, LMFT as a clinician at South Coast Psychiatry, and are excited to offer our patients her additional expertise, clinical skills and experiences that complement the diverse array of clinicians, disciplines, experiences and expertise our multidisciplinary team offers to each of our patients. 

    On behalf of Janet, and all of us at South Coast Psychiatry, we look forward to helping people move forward in their lives!

      For more information about Janet Whitney or any of our clinicians at South Coast Psychiatry, please contact us at 714-556-5004 or info@southcoastpsychiatry.com. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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