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Shirley Furman, PMHNP   

Shirley Furman, Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) specializes in treating sleep issues, grief, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and depression with medication, counseling and hypnotherapy. Shirley has a MS in Nursing, an MA in Counseling, and is a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, a Certified Quit Smoking Specialist, and Faculty Emerita at California State University, Long Beach.

Shirley brings a wealth of expertise and experience in mental health, specializes in psychotherapy as well as hypnotherapy for adults and children, in addition to medication management for adults. She has specific expertise with anxiety, insomnia, women's health, addictions and recovery from grief and loss.

Shirley is unique at South Coast Psychiatry in her expertise in hypnotherapy: she offers a unique therapeutic method for clients. Modern hypnotherapy is a widely accepted, evidence-based treatment that has been well-validated for its long term efficacy in treating, anxiety subclinical depression, smoking and other habit disorders, to control irrational fears, as well as in the treatment of conditions such as insomnia and addiction. Hypnotherapy has also been used to enhance recovery from non-psychological conditions such as healing and recover from surgical procedures, and even used to deal with gastro-intestinal problems, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as well as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, (TMJ) and teeth grinding at night. Hypnotherapy allows clients to let go of old habits and barriers quickly and easily.

Shirley has found hypnotherapy to be so successful that she offers a money back guarantee with her Smoking cessation session. Theres also an added bonus to her hypnotherapy sessions: most clients when they finish a session say that they feel as if they had a restorative nap or a great massage. Hypnotherapy is also a wonderful noninvasive, non-chemical treatment that works very well for children with their fears, issues and bad habits.

In addition to her expertise in Hypnotherapy, Shirley Furman also has expertise in sleeping disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, fear, phobias, and depression as well as helping clients find their purpose in life. Shirley developed an interest in counseling and education through her experience as an RN working on the L&D unit at UCI medical center while she also developed and taught Childbirth Education program and classes there. Additionally, while working with patients with high risk pregnancies who were on bedrest, her interest and enjoyment of education and counseling grew deeper. She received her Master's of Arts in Counseling at National University and then continued her education and got her Master's in Nursing and PMHNP Certification from California State University Long Beach.

Shirley has been working as a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner since 1996 in private practice. She considers it is a privilege and an honor to help relieve client's emotional pain and stress as well as be part of her clients' journeys of growth to find their direction and purpose in life. She has a bachelor's degree in Music Education in addition to a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. She taught English in a private language institute while living in France for 4 years. She was one of the first employees with two startup companies as she helped them grow from a company of three employees to growing the company and training staff in branches as they opened throughout the U.S. She was director and instructor of the PMHNP program at CSULB for five years.

Shirley Furman has a Master's degree in Counseling in addition to a Master's degree in Nursing. She received a life certificate for teaching in Orange County's Community Colleges. These diverse life experiences help her relate and understand a wide variety of issues. Since 1996, she has been helped clients with her expertise in smoking cessation, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, pregnancy-related issues, menopausal issues, relationship issues, and communication issues. Shirley has even served as an instructor at CSULB for a communications class.

Shirley is dedicated to patient and family education, collaboration, support. She enjoys educating clients in regards to the importance of diet, exercise and sufficient sleep for healing and growth in physical and mental health. She enjoys finding solutions to help clients who have struggles with sleep so they can find their path to sufficient, deep, and restorative sleep.

No matter what her client's issue, Shirley Furman's goal for her clients is to help them clearly understand their strengths and build on them, then understand their weaknesses and decrease the power of their weaknesses to decrease pain and stress, thus moving to a higher more enjoyable level of life. She shares South Coast Psychiatry's commitment to providing the highest level of individualized, personalized, concierge care for our patients.

For more information about Shirley Furman or any of our clinicians at South Coast Psychiatry, please contact us at 714-556-5004 or info@southcoastpsychiatry.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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