Our Services & Fees

Our Services & Fees   

At South Coast Psychiatry, we take a Bio-Psycho-Social approach to patient care, looking at:

  • Biological contributions
  • Psychological dynamics, and
  • Social factors that may be influencing a person's life

    We believe that by addressing these three spheres in an integrated way, patients have the best chance of moving forward in their lives.

    At South Coast Psychiatry, we offer both psychotherapy and/or medication management for patients with a wide variety of issues.

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    While all of our psychiatrists can provide both psychotherapy and medication management, they routinely see patients for medications alone who are already being seen by a therapist they know and trust. And our therapists often work closely with our psychiatrists, so that our patients' care is seamless, instead of fragmented. At South Coast Psychiatry, we believe in close collaboration with all other treating professionals, and will work with everyone in our group, as well as outside professionals, to provide the best integrated care possible.

    South Coast Psychiatry offers a "concierge-style" approach to patient care, which means that unlike other providers, our clinicians are available to patients by phone or by e-mail outside the normal appointment hours. This allows patients time to think and process what has been discussed in the therapy appointments, and continue to engage in the process of learning and growing even outside the therapy sessions.

    ADULT PSYCHIATRIST FEES: DR. BRITTON AREY, MD, MBA and DR. HUMA QURESHI, MD (for adult patients, over the age of 18)
    • $450 for a 60 minute initial consultation, regardless of whether it is for medications, psychotherapy or both
    • $450 for 50-60 minute psychotherapy sessions, with or without medications
    • $225 for 25-30 minute medication-only, follow-up visits
    • $350 for a 60 minute initial consultation, regardless of whether it is for medications, psychotherapy or both
    • $350 for 50-60 minute psychotherapy sessions, with or without medications 
    • $175 for 25-30 minute medication-only, follow-up visits 
    * Please note that our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner also offers 90 minute initial evaluations ($525) which allow more time to conduct a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan.

    If evaluating a patient under the age of 18 for hypnotherapy or psychotherapy, a 90 minute initial session is required.

    These can be scheduled at the patient's request, or if the clinician/staff feel that the patient's presentation is complicated enough to warrant additional time at the initial visit. If you feel your needs may be better served by a 90 minute initial consultation, please let the office staff know upon scheduling your first appointment.


    INITIAL CONSULTATION FEES and SESSION FEES (eg.Psychotherapy, Social Thinking Therapy), including REVIEW of TESTING CONSULTATION FEES (not fees for testing)
    • $350 for a 50-60 min vocational, cognitive or academic session with a PhD/PsyD, whether child, adolescent or adult.
    • $450 for 90 minute initial evaluation (or parents/family or patient) by a PhD/PsyD for psychological assessment if under 18, or if patient. (regardless of age) referred from outside of South Coast Psychiatry
      ** If evaluating a patient under the age of 18, a 90 minute initial evaluation with family alone is required. 
    • $525 for a 90 minute extended vocational, cognitive or academic session with a child, adolescent, adult or family


    • $350/hour for testing, report writing in office, plus $350 one-time supply fee for testing materials
    • $450/hour for testing/observation/IEP or 504 advocacy outside the office (at home, school or office); plus $350 one-time supply fee for testing materials (if not already paid above)
    • $550/hour for legal testing, report writing, testimony, deposition; plus $350 one-time supply fee for testing materials if not already paid above
    • A testing proposal will be generated after an initial consultation with the psychologist including the types of testing proposed, number of hours involved in testing, observation, and report writing, estimate of costs of in office or outside of office testing and/or observation, plus one-time materials fee; this proposal must be signed by patient/payor prior to initiating testing. Payment for testing is due as follows: 1/2 prior to starting testing, and the other 1/2 prior to writing the report.
    • Please note: Another consultation session must be scheduled (see fees for consultation above for each clinician involved) to review the results of the testing and the report in detail with the psychologist, along with primary consulting physician, if indicated


    At South Coast Psychiatry, we are proud to offer the opportunity for patients to participate in Group Therapy, as augmentation to their individual therapy, or for patients who elect to start with Group Therapy prior to starting their own individual sessions. Our recommendation is to utilize Group Therapy as an augmentation to individual therapy, as the best way for patients to be able to utilize multiple treatment modalities to help them move forward in their lives.

    South Coast Psychiatry will be offering Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Groups (DBT Groups) for Adults and Adolescents, Eating Disorder Groups, Relapse Prevention/Addiction Recovery Process Groups, as well as Parenting Groups, Co-Parenting Groups, Mens Groups, Social Anxiety/ Social Skills Groups, Divorce Recovery Groups, and other groups upon request from our colleagues and clients. Please check our website Group Therapy section for the latest group offerings and schedule. 

    Currently, we are offering several Group Therapy options, led by a clinician with significant expertise in the particular therapeutic topic. The prices for these group sessions per person are as follows:
    • $125-$150/session for a 90 min Group Therapy session, depending on the particular group (see the Group Therapy section for specific groups/prices)
    • If you purchase 4 Group Therapy sessions (one month) in advance, the Group Sessions will be discounted by $25 per session
    **Please note, each group therapy will also have a $25 materials start up fee that will go towards the purchase and assembly of an individual binder or workbook that you will be given at your first group session (so, for example: for the DBT Group, the first session fee will be $125 +$25 materials fee, and the rest will be $125 per session).

    If you enroll in a group that has a set series of sessions (eg. the DBT Group Therapy), you will be allowed one fee-for-service consultation "trial" group to assess fit, and then if you decide to continue with the rest of the course, we strongly encourage you to complete the series, to provide all patients continuity within the groups, and to give each patient the best chance they have of completing an entire series and making progress. For open ended groups without a set number of sessions, they are fee-for-service, pay as you go. 

    Also, please be aware that if you are not currently a patient at South Coast Psychiatry, and have been referred to us for one of our Group Therapy offerings, or if you are new to South Coast Psychiatry and prefer to start with a Group Therapy experience, you will be asked to meet with the clinician/group facilitator separately for one session prior to being allowed to join the group. It is an important opportunity for both the patient and the clinician to assess whether the group you have been referred to, or are interested in joining, is going to be the right fit for you, and whether it is going to meet the specific goals you hope to accomplish through the Group Therapy experience. 

    For any questions, and to find out the days and times of the Group Therapy sessions currently offered at South Coast Psychiatry, please call our office at 714-556-5004 or email us at info@southcoastpsychiatry.com for more information.


    At South Coast Psychiatry, we are proud to offer the opportunity for patients to participate in Couples Therapy, either a'la carte, with any of our providers.


    Family Therapy is offered at South Coast Psychiatry, and can be performed by all of our clinicians. These occur in either 60 or 90 minute sessions, depending on the number of family members and the complexity of the family dynamic. Please refer to the fees for the individual provider for fees for family work.
    While emergency issues or worsening of symptoms are not appropriate topics for email or voicemail, our doctors and therapists encourage their patients to ask questions about medications, side effects, recent events in their lives, or other issues when it is convenient for them, which may happen in between appointment times. All of our clinicians offer after hours appointments and sessions (or phone sessions if needed) for clients in need of after hours contact and care.

    These appointments and out of the office sessions are typically billed at our normal hourly (or half-hourly) rate; but the access to our clinicians after hours, and our availability to our patients, is unparalleled.

    At South Coast Psychiatry, we also reach out to friends, family and other therapists who may be seeing the patient via e-mail and telephone. Thus, we use available technology to continue the therapeutic process and provide integrated, collaborative care, even outside the therapy sessions.

    If indicated, the clinicians or office staff can also be contacted to schedule another appointment in between scheduled sessions to deal with emergent issues, new crises, or more detailed situations that arise. 

    At South Coast Psychiatry, our availability and accessibility to our patients is a normal part of the type of high-quality, comprehensive, personalized care we offer patients.
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